Pmw Equipment

PMW Model 812D

Purchasing Information

Working Dimensions: 54″ dia. turntable and 60″ working height. 2000 lbs. load capacity. 6000 lbs. shipping weight.
Size – 108″H x 96″W x 84″D

The 812 series machines are available in 6 standard sizes. Up to a 6 ft. dia. turntable with 60″ working height and 2000 lbs. Many other sizes are available also.

The model 812 is ideal for commercial rebuilders, industrial applications and large shops. The many options available allow the user to custom design the 812 to meet all applications. The door mounted turntable design is built to provide complete accessibility. Labyrinth door design eliminates the need for expensive replacement seals.

Standard Features:

Door mounted mechanical drive turntable.
1/2 Hp turntable motor.
Front reservoir.
Fully insulated.
Fresh water rinse with manual diverter baffle.
7-day timer.
Labyrinth seal door.
36 KW electric heater.
Stainless steel wash nozzles.
15 HP Standard pump.
Optional Features:
Wheel type oil skimmer.
Head rack.
Gas heat.
Low water shut off.
Auto fill.
Bag house filter system.
Many other options available–not all are listed.