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PMW Model 112

For automotive and light-industrial applications the PMW Model 112 offers a wide range of capabilities and flexibility – 26″ dia. turntable, 32″ working height, 3 hp. pump, 500-lb. capacity, 9 large steel cleaning jets, 50 gal. solution capacity, and much more.

Purchasing Information

Made for automotive and light industrial applications this is a real work horse. Standard 26″ dia. turntable with 32″ of working height. With a 3 hp. pump it has the power to do the job quick.

The Model 112 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the small shop as well as an inexpensive additional washer for the large shop’s overflow work or to isolate aluminum cleaning. The 112 rugged, heavy duty welded construction assures years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits. The model 112 utilizes a hot water soluble cleaning agent.

Model 112 features:

Labyrinth Door Design – eliminates the need for troublesome replacement seals.
32″ Work Height – will accept any automotive block, cylinder head or transmission body in today’s market.
Door Mounted Turntable – swings out to provide easy access for loading or unloading.
Nine large steel jets to assure quick, thorough cleaning.
500 lb. Capacity – withstands multi-loading heads, blocks, transmissions or parts.
Spring loaded drive motor for constant tension.
Size – 65″H x 52″W x 40″D
Standard 1100 lbs.